Sean murray weight loss voice

Q: Sean Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee on" NCIS, " lost quite a bit of weight and looks really fit and trim. I noticed, however, that he then developed a raspy voice that continued for nearly all of this past season.

Sean murray weight loss and voice change

Vivienne Bellisario who played the Mysterious RedHead is Sean Murray's reallife mother and she is also married to NCIS creator see Timothy McGeeList of Sean Murray weight loss diet. Murray, an actor who played the character Timothy McGee on a famous TV show known as NCIS.

sean murray weight loss voice

Recently has been exhibiting his weight loss on most of his TV appearances. Los Angeles Laryngologist (voice doctor), Dr. Reena Gupta, discusses the effects of weight gain loss on the singing voice and vocal health.

sean murray weight loss voice

Sean Murray; Murray in October 2012. Born: Sean Harland Murray While this is one of his most wellknown roles, his voice in the film was dubbed by Jason Marsden. Sean Murray Timothy McGee.

sean murray weight loss voice

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sean murray weight loss voice

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