Weight loss journey 2013

Today, Im 100 pounds lighter than I was when I started my weight loss journey. My story is not one of overnight success. I didnt take a magic pill.

When folks hear I've maintained a 125pound weight loss for over six years now, I'm (almost) always immediately asked, " How did you lose the weight?

weight loss journey 2013

" And sometimes, I'm ashamed to be open and honest about my weight loss journey. No, I didn't have any surgeries, take gimmicky fat burner supplements " Let me stop being selfish, and eating everything.

weight loss journey 2013

" On November 6th, 45yearold" Precious" actress Mo'Nique began a weight loss journey that she has since documented daily on her website and Twitter account. My Weight Loss Journey Continues.

weight loss journey 2013

April 8, 2013 By Myra Hope 78 Comments. Im really excited to share with you once again about my weight loss journey. Christines 100 lb Weight Loss and Paleo Journey I have been living a Paleo lifestyle now for about 4 years, since I lost 100 pounds and still didn't feel AstroNerdBoy discusses his continued weight loss journey with the 5: 2 Diet combined with the Carb Addicts Diet.

My Weight Loss Journey with Start Fresh: Week 2 -

Nov 12, 2013 Weightloss Journey part 1 Thanks for sharing to your Weight loss Journey part 1. It is so helpful for health.

weight loss journey 2013

2013 (11) Ive written and never published posts about my Real Food Weight Loss Journey. I try and keep the blog posts here inspirational and about ideas to nourish your family and I just havent felt that my personal weight loss journey fits into that genre.

weight loss journey 2013

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