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12 Pictures That Show How Much Weight Chris Christie Has Lost This Year The New Jersey governor said this week he's more than halfway to his weight loss goal after getting lapband surgery earlier this year.

The subject reached a flashpoint in 2013 when Christie told former White House doctor Connie Mariano to" shut up after she said a President Christie could have a heart attack or stroke while in office if he didn't lose weight.

Gov christies weight loss - what

Today, the New York Post revealed that NJ Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lapband surgery three months ago in an effort to lose weight. The politician's considerable girth has been a hotbutton issue for him professionally in the past, but he claims his decision to go under the knife was personal, and dismissed the notion it was Gov Christie Weight Loss Surgery 5 Star Green Detox Tea Gov Christie Weight Loss Surgery Yogi Tea Detox Review Coconut Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Detox The Raw Food Detox Diet Recipes Lemon Cucumber Water Detox Benefits Clenburterol are quite popular today. The nickname with the pills are Size Focus. (CNN) A few months after turning 50 years old, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lapband surgery in February for the sake of his wife and kids, a source close to the governor confirmed to CNN.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talked about struggles with his weight on Tuesday, saying his doctor has warned him that his luck is going to run out relatively soon but that it doesnt affect his ability to run the Garden State.

of course I care about it, Christie said when asked about his efforts to lose weight at a press Christie also discussed his weight loss and the attention he has received for it.

Chris Christie Tells National Guard Leader to Lose Weight

" I had a guy just the other day, and he was significantly Jul 03, 2017 Chris Christie went ham Sunday at a news conference when a reporter dared to ask him if he got a tan while sitting on a beach the NJ Governor closed down, firing back, " We're talking about the closure of government and you're talking about your TMZ stuff. " Christie's taking more heat than he got Christies weightloss results seem to align with those of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, who had lapband surgery in March 2010 and reportedly offered Christie advice about the procedure.

Ryan said recently he had lost over 130 pounds. Gov.

gov christies weight loss

Christie has lost 85 pounds since weightloss surgery, according to The New York Times which reported that's what the governor told conservative donors at David Koch's New York apartment. It was a closed door meeting, no press allowed, but The Times said a guest talked about what occurred.

gov christies weight loss

Did Gov. Chris Christie have weight loss surgery to prepare for a presidential run in 2016, or to make sure he stays alive for the sake of his family? Our answer: Who cares?

Christie On Weight: Of Course I Care Matzavcom

They are both perfectly valid reasons for him to want to lose weight. Severe obesity typically reduces a persons life span by eight to 10 years. At age 50, and after 20 years of

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